Call for kugels

Think your kugel’s got what it takes? Can it stand up to the rest?

Come enter our contest!

Please bring your ready-to-eat noodle kugels (1 regular sized pan) to the JCC on the day of the event, April 28th, no later than 12:15. The kitchen is available to warm them but space is limited. Please try to bring them warm or room temperature. Judges will try them at 12:30pm and make the announcement of the winner at 2:30pm.

Judges will taste the kugel and event attendants  will have the opportunity to sample them as well.

Sweet – These Kugels can be made with noodles, vegetables, or any other Kugel classics you can think of. Just make sure it hits the sweet spot and is good enough for dessert!

Savory – Onion, Salt and Pepper, and Potato are some of the favorites in this category. Show us your Bubbie’s recipe or your own interpretations.


The Judges

Goldie Morris, caterer and co-owner of Ess & Fress Catering

Dvora Davidson, caterer and co-owner of Ess & Fress Catering

Bobbi Limor, caterer